Academic Year 2008 - 2009

Adjunct Faculty  
Academic Year 2008 - 2009  
Fall Semester  
Angela Petrou

ΑΡΗ 300- Architectural Design V

ΑΡΗ 340.1- Landscape Architecture

Adonis Kleanthous

ΑΡΗ 410.1- Architectural Practice

Aimilios Michael ΑΡΗ 200- Architectural Design ΙΙΙ

ΑΡΗ 230.1- Construction Ι

Demetris Economides ΑΡΗ 220- Digital Architectural Communication Media

ΑΡΗ 320- Σχεδιασμός με Η/Υ

Hesperia Iliadou ΑΡΗ 110- Architecture in Context
Petros Phokaides ΑΡΗ 400- Architectural Design VII
Petros Lapithis

ΑΡΗ 332- Technical Development Systems

Philippos Zannettos ΑΡΗ 100.1- Architectural Design Ι

ΑΡΗ 124- Architectural Communication Media

Spring Semester  
Adonis Kleanthous

ΑΡΗ 441- Contemporary Territorial Transformations and Urban Design

Aimilios Michael ΑΡΗ 301.1- Architectural Design VI
Grigoris Kalnis ΑΡΗ 201- Architectural Design IV 
Demetris Economides

ΑΡΗ 123- Σχεδιάσεις 

Maria Loizidou ΑΡΗ 423- Creativity in Architecture through the Fine Arts 
Maria Philokyprou ΑΡΗ 311- Vernacular Architecture and Contemporary Issues 
Marios Economides ΑΡΗ 401- Architectural Design VIII 
Marios Christodoulides ΑΡΗ 201- Architectural Design IV 
Markella Menikou ΑΡΗ 331.2- Construction – Building Technology 
Philippos Zannettos ΑΡΗ 101 - Architectural Design ΙΙ