Cyprus University Sport Federation

This program may appeal to talented students and provides the opportunity to those who will be picked up, to form the representative teams of the University of Cyprus.  These teams have the opportunity to participate in the following events.
1) Cyprus Association of University Sports Championships (NUSA)
2) European Championships (EUSA)
3) World Championships (FISU)
The men and women teams from University of Cyprus are participating in the following events:
NUSA Championships University of Cyprus Team Photos  Games Program and Results
Badminton badminton ginekon badminton andron It will be announced next semester
Tennis tennis 1 tennis 2  It will be announced next semester
Table tennis P1130927 ping pong 4
Basketball photo Basket andron Basket Ginekon  Women´s Program
Volleyball volley ginekon 13  
Football  28  KOPA - ANOMALOS DROMOS 7APRIL08 042.1  It will be announced next semester
Futsal  telikos futsal 2007 - 08 081  telikos futsal 2007 - 08 038
Track and Field  KOPA - ANOMALOS DROMOS 7APRIL08 021  KOPA - ANOMALOS DROMOS 7APRIL08 023  It will be announced next semester
Handball  no16  no17  It will be announced next semester