An analysis of the world’s most admired companies shows that the most important success factor, one of the few ways that organizations can gain long-term, sustainable competitive advantage, is the effective acquisition and management of their people.

The Master’s Program in Human Resource Management (M.Sc. in HRM) of the University of Cyprus offers professionals in-depth knowledge and skills on how to achieve such an advantage through people in a variety of organizational settings.

HRM is a fundamental component of the competitiveness, effectiveness, and sustainability of any organization, as it influences who are hired, how they are trained, evaluated, and compensated, and what steps are taken to retain them. In turn, HRM plays a critical role in predicting employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance. Increasingly, the task of managing and developing people is shared between human resource and other managers within organizations.

Put simply, if an organization wants good people, then it must practice requisite HRM. The program focuses on the role of managers and how they can develop and implement effective and efficient human resource management practices (e.g., selection, evaluation, compensation) that support the strategic objectives of their organizations.

In doing so, the program offers students the opportunity to learn from leading HRM and organizational experts within Europe and beyond and to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. In addition, it provides valuable knowledge and skills to help advance students’ career as well as access to a strong human resource management network in Cyprus. Finally, it enables students to strengthen their analytical, team, and communication skills, and increase their understanding of business ethics and social responsibility.


To be admitted to the Program, the following is required

  • Undergraduate Degree in any field of Study
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language through IELTS or TOEFL exams
    • IELTS  - 7.0
    • TOEFL iBT - 100
    • IGCSE/GCE - B
    • TOEFL - 230
  • Two recommendations from professors and/or work supervisors
  • A CV and a Statement of Purpose
  • A personal interview


The program (96 ECTS in total) can normally be completed in three academic semesters. The course requirements consist of 16 courses (total of 72 ECTS with courses ranging from 3-6 ECTS), 9 tool-oriented workshops (total 9 ECTS with workshops carrying 1 ECTS each), and a 15 ECTS Master’s thesis.  The Program has been designed according to international standards adopted by similar programs in leading universities. Tuition is Euro 7500.

The Program provides the academic knowledge and background of the HR profession through the courses offered and, at the same time, prepares HR professionals to use the contemporary practical tools through the workshops in order to manage the human assets of an organization.

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