The Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies and the Department of History and Archaeology offer a joint specialised postgraduate programme in Byzantine Studies leading to an MA and/or PhD degree.



The goal of the programme is to promote interdisciplinary approaches in the various fields of Byzantine Studies. More specifically, the programme aims at a multilevel and multifaceted study of Byzantine culture that combines the various theoretical and practical methodological tools of Philology, History, History of Art and Archaeology. In this way, the historical phenomenon "Byzantium" is firmly placed within the broader geographical framework of Medieval Europe and the Middle East.

The programme is run by members of the two Departments in the following fields of specialisation: Byzantine Language and Literature, Byzantine History, Medieval History, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art and Archaeology, and Medieval Art. Moreover, seminars may be offered by members of the University's academic staff in related fields (e.g. Ancient History, Classical Philology, Ottoman and Islamic Studies, Theory of Literature, Historical Linguistics) or by visiting professors.

In order to ensure that the students become acquainted with the full range of the three fields and the various methodological approaches involved, the seminars offered in the programme are organised in five thematic modules. These are not only related to different aspects of Byzantine culture, but they also allow for the combination of all the fields and methods mentioned above: (A) Methodological and Technical Tools; (B) Theory and Aesthetics; (C) State and Society; (D) Culture and Ideology; (E) Byzantine and Medieval Cyprus.