Welcome to the Cancer Biophysics Laboratory at the University of Cyprus
The Cancer Biophysics Laboratory of the University of Cyprus is a vibrant and internationally competitive research environment where novel computational approaches are combined with state-of-the-art experimental techniques to further explore the mechanopathology of cancer and overcome the barriers to the effective delivery of drugs to solid tumours.
The focus of the lab is the application of principles from engineering and biology in order to investigate the mechanisms with which physical forces are related to tumour growth, progression and treatment.
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Recent News & Forthcoming Activities
[10/12/19] ERC Consolidator grants announced! Our €2M Immuno-Predictor grant proposal got funded
[10/12/19] Dr Andreas Stylianou was awarded the Young Researcher Award 2019 in Physical Sciences & Engineering.
[25/11/19] 2019 Athanasiou ABME Student Awards presented to Dr. Maria Kalli
[12/12/19] Accepted Article: PNAS. Combining microenvironment normalization strategies to improve cancer immunotherapy
[09/09/19] Accepted Article: Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology. Improving cancer immunotherapy using nanomedicine: Progress, opportunities and challenges. 
[22/01/16] Y.C. Fung Young Investigator Award Investigator Award presented to Dr Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos
[20/09/19] Accepted Article: TheranosticsTGF-β inhibition combined with cytotoxic nanomedicine normalizes triple negative breast cancer microenvironment towards anti-tumor immunity