1. What are the main responsibilities of the Office of the Director of Administration and Finance?
The main responsibilities are:
  1. Organisation and coordination of all the administration services
  2. Preparation and implementation of quality assurance mechanisms
  3. Consulting services to all the faculties, departments and the administrative services
  4. Implementation of the development programs of the University
  5. Administrative support to the Council, Senate and Rector's Council.
2. How can I be informed about the decisions of the University´s Governing Bodies (Council, Senate and Rector's Council)?
Anything that is decided during the meetings of the University Governing Bodies gets published in the following webpage:
3. What is the legal framework that the University of Cyprus (Laws, Statutes and Rules) is governed by?
The University of Cyprus constitutes a Public Corporate Body and it is operating under the University of Cyprus Law, voted by the House of Parliament in 1989. The University of Cyprus´ legislation can be found at the following electronic address: