Graduate Prospectus

The Department of Economics of the University of Cyprus is offering a Masters program in Economic Analysis starting in September 2007. This program will be offered in the English language and can be completed in twelve months. It consists of rigorous graduate level courses in economic theory and econometric methods, aiming to equip students with tools useful in the modern economy and to prepare them for research at the Ph.D. level at UCY or other institutions. Our students have in the past been successful at entering top 20 US Economics Ph.D. programs.

The total tuition fee is 4100 euro for all students. All applicants will be eligible for fellowships offered by the Department of Economics.  Teaching and Research assistantships at the Economics Department are also available for most successful candidates. Information regarding assistance to obtain a visa, accommodation, medical care and other issues of concern to foreign students is available at the following link: INFO FOR STUDENTS.

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Why Study Economics at the University of Cyprus?

The program aims at preparing students for proceeding to do a PhD degree in Economics.

The program of study is the following: 

1st semester

1.ECO 601 Microeconomic Analysis I (7,5 Ects)

2. ECO 602 Macroeconomic Analysis I (7,5 Ects)

3. ECO 603 Statistics and Econometrics I (7,5 Ects)

4. ECO 604 Analytical Methods in Economics (7,5 Ects)

2nd semester

1. ECO 651 Microeconomic Analysis II (ECO 601 - 7,5 Ects)

2. ECO 652 Macroeconomic Analysis II (ECO 602 - 7,5 Ects)

3. ECO 653 Statistics and Econometrics II (ECO 603 - 7,5 Ects)

Note: The courses in brackets are prerequisites

4. One of:

ECO 605 International Trade (7,5 Ects)

ECO 606 International Finance (7,5 Ects)

ECO 610 Money, Banking and Financial Economics (7,5 Ects)

ECO 611 Labour Economics (7,5 Ects)

ECO 612 Industrial Organisation and Policy (7,5 Ects)

ECO 613 Public Economics (7,5 Ects)

ECO 641 Consumer Theory and Applications (7,5 Ects)

ECO 644 The Economics of Firm Financing (7,5 Ects)

ECO 673 Applied Microeconometrics (7,5 Ects)

ECO 680 Applied Financial Econometrics (7,5 Ects)

ECO 688 Current Topics in Economic Research I (7,5 Ects)

ECO 788 Current Topics in Economic Research II (7,5 Ects) 3rd semester

ECO 699 Master Thesis (30 Ects)


1. Students may replace an elective course with a graduate course offered by other University Departments, following approval from the Department Board.

2. Students may replace an elective course with an undergraduate course offered by other University Departments, following approval from the Department Board.