Ph.D. University of Manchester
Econometrics, Financial Econometrics
Ph.D. University College London
Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Applied Industrial Organization
Ph.D. University of Maryland at College Park
Associate Professor
Sofronis Clerides
Ph.D. Yale University
Industrial Organization
Panayiota Flori-Lyssiotou
Ph.D. Clark University
Associate Professor
Microeconomics, Applied Microeconomics
Costas Hadjiyiannis
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
Associate Professor
Trade Theory
Christis Hasapis
Ph.D. Boston College
Associate Professor
Macroeconomics, International Finance
Ioannis Kasparis
Ph.D. University of Southampton
Associate Professor
Econometric Theory
Andros Kourtellos
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin

Econometrics, Socioeconomic Inequality and Mobility, Economic Growth, Macroeconomics, Forecasting

Ph.D. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Microeconomics, Game Theory, Market Design, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics
Theofanis Mamuneas
Ph.D. New York University
Applied Econometrics, Productivity, Growth
Michael S. Michael
Ph.D. State University of New York, Buffalo
Trade Theory
Marios Michaelides
Ph.D. University of Maryland
Assistant Professor
Unemployment; Workforce Program Evaluation; Compensating Differences; Migration
Christopher Pissarides
Ph.D. London School of Economics
Macroeconomics of Labour Markets, Structural Change, Economic Growth
Nikos Theodoropoulos
Ph.D. University of Leicester
Associate Professor
Labour Economics
Andreas Tryphonides
Ph.D. European University Institute
Empirical and Quantitative Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Nikolaos Tsakas
Ph.D. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Assistant Professor
Microeconomics, Social and Economics Network
Dimitrios Xefteris
Ph.D. Univesitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Associate Professor
Political Economics, Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Economic Behavior

Marios Zachariadis
Ph.D. Ohio State University
Macroeconomics, Growth, International Economics
Nicholas Ziros
Ph.D. University of Manchester
Associate Professor
Economic Theory
 Emeritus Professors
Ph.D. University of British Columbia
Professor Emeritus
Macroeconomics, Labour, Applied Econometrics
 Special Teaching Staff
   Courses Taught
Ph.D. Cardiff University
 Other Teaching Staff
   Courses Taught
Ph.D. University of Cyprus
Environmental Economics
Ph.D. University of Crete
Economics of the EU
Ph. D. University of Leicester
Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Labour Economics
Marios Soupashis
Ph. D. Middlesex University
Corporate Finance
Ph.D. Southern Illinois University, Illinois, USA 
International Finance
Symeon Matsis
MSc in Economics, Queen Mary College, London
Topics on the Cyprus Economy
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Ph. D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
International Finance, Microecononics,
Topics in International Economics, Financial & Monetary Economics
George Syrichas
Ph.D. University of Essex
Topics in European Economics Integration, Macroeconomics
Antri Konstantinidi
Ph.D. University of Cyprus

Microeconomic Theory