The mission of the Department of Education is to meet the national, cultural and developmental needs of the island. Specifically, the mission of the Department is noted below:


In order to fulfill its mission, the Department has developed:

Furthermore, the Department intends to develop the following programmes:


Members of the academic staff of the Department have varied research interests and are currently involved in numerous research projects. The research areas include: history of education, philosophy and sociology of education, educational effectiveness and didactics of specific domains of educations.

Some of the above programmes are conducted in cooperation with foreign research centres and universities and are externally funded.

Further Information:

The Department of Education has established its presence in Cyprus as well as in Europe. In order to fulfill this goal, the Department is already undertaking joint research projects with other universities and international organizations such as UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the European Union and the Commonwealth. Additionally, the Department organizes international conferences, lectures and seminars.

At the same time the Department assists and promotes school development. This goal is fulfilled by offering a pre-service training programme for Secondary and Technical Education teachers.