Some of the Highest Distinctions Awarded to Members of the Faculty
Members of the academic personnel of our Department have more than 600 citations (based on results provided mainly by Google scholar and The Citation Index) and have received numerous distinctions, awards, and scholarships. They include, among others:
2016: Writing Fellow at the International Writing Program in Iowa City (named UNESCO city of literature thanks to the renowned IWP and its related writing programme)
2015: Choice "Outstanding Academic Title" for The Cambridge Companion to the City in Literature. Ed. Kevin McNamara. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014, to which he contributed the first chapter (Balasopoulos)
2015: Second place, Eugenio Battisti Award of the Society for Utopian Studies (Balasopoulos)
2014 to date: Distinguished Expert Mmember of the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment – EALTA (Tsagari)
2012: Residential Fellowship at the Jawarhalal Nehru University of Advanced Studies, JNU, Delhi, October-December (Stephanides)
2012: Best video poetry award, CYIFF, Cyprus International Film Festival (Stephanides)
2010: Judge, Commonwealth Writers Prize (Stephanides)
2009: Bogliasco Fellow (Writer-in-residence) Liguria Center for Arts and Humanities (Stephanides)
2007 to date: Cavaliere of the Republic of Italy (OSSI) (Stephanides)
2007-2009: UNESCO Participation Award (Nikolopoulou)
2007: Seminar Faculty, Dartmouth Seminar in American Studies, Dartmouth College (June) (Balasopoulos)
2006-2009: Full Doctoral Scholarship from UCD Humanities Institute of Ireland (Georgakis)
2005-2007: UNESCO Participation Award (Nikolopoulou)
2004-2005: Stanley J. Seeger Research Fellowship, Princeton University (December 2004-January 2005) (Balasopoulos)
2004: Visiting Research Fellow. Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History, University of Leeds, UK (February-July) (Margaroni)
2003 to date: Fellow, English Association (FEA) since 2003 (Stephanides)
2003-2006: Scholarship awarded by the Greek Ministry of Education And Religious Affairs, Greece for completion of PhD studies (Tsagari)
2000: Judge, Commonwealth Writers Prize (Stephanides)
1999-2000: Visiting Research Fellow. The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, The University of Edinburgh, UK. (September-March) (Margaroni)
1995: Research Fellow, Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick (fellowship funded by Association of Commonwealth Universities for one year) (Stephanides)
1989: Nomination for Center for Anthro-Journalism Award (Washington DC) for Anthro-Journalistic Excellence for documentary film, Hail Mother Kali (Stephanides)
1989: First Prize in Poetry Competition of the Society for Humanistic Anthropology, American Anthropological Association (Stephanides)
1985: First prize (grant-in-aid) from American Translators Association for translation of Guyana Britannica (1896) by Neves e Mello from Portuguese to English (Stephanides)