Elena Andreou
PhD, University of Manchester
Professor of Financial Econometrics,
University of Cyprus

Assistant Director:

Nicoletta Pashourtidou
PhD, University of Southampton

Research Officers:

Alexandros Polycarpou
PhD in Economics, University of Cyprus

Sofia Andreou
PhD in Economics, University of Cyprus

Vasiliki Bozani
PhD in Economics, University of Crete

Maria Demetriadou
MSc Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Technical University of Athens
Neophyta Empora
PhD in Economics, University of Cyprus

Rafaella Fetta
MSc Applied Statistics, University of Cyprus

Chrystalla Kapetaniou
PhD in Management, University of Kent

Charalambos Karayiannakis
MSc in Economics, London School of Economics

Georgia Katsifaraki
Master in Business Administration, University of Cyprus

Christos Koutsampelas
PhD in Economics, Economic University of Athens

Paris Nearchou
PhD in Economics, University of Cyprus

Christos Papamichael
PhD in Statistics, University of Bath

Robert Duval-Hernandez
PhD in Economics, Cornell University


Academic Council:

Elena Andreou


Sofronis Clerides
Andros Kourtellos
Panayiota Lyssiotou
Theofanis Mamuneas

Christopher Pissarides
Nikos Theodoropoulos