The General Auditor of the Republic, Dr. Odysseas Michailidis, hosted an event jointly organized by the independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization OXygono and the School of Economics and Management University of Cyprus.
The event was the second part of the event series OXygono entitled "Can a man change the mentality of a people?" And was held on Monday, March 20, 2017 to the University.
Gen aud 1
The General Auditor was asked to answer the questions of the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management University of Cyprus, Professor Andreas Haritou and journalist Seitanidis John. Greetings also addressed by the Rector of the University of Cyprus, Constantinos Christofides, and coordinator of the discussion was the president of OXygono, Mrs. Georgia Athanasiou.
The debate had the form of an interview,(informal conversation) at the base of the organization's rules for discussion. Among the topics discussed was the Audit Office mode today and previously, what are the factors which encouraged impunity, the role of parties and its relationship to corruption, strengthen meritocracy and transparency in the public sector, the interventions the work of state officials and ways to overcome them.
In his address, Mr. Christofides noted that "we need to state a clear vision that will serve consistently, talent and dedication. To help build a modern in all aspects state, of which we can be proud of, but also responsible, creative people". 
On the central question of the event, "Can a man change the mentality of a people?" Mr. Michaelides said, "One can not. Both can? Three? How many are needed? It takes some who will have key roles and will be the leaven and the masses, the thousands of citizens who will support them in trying to change people's mentality. "
Gen aud 2
Moreover, the original speech, explained that our society shows tolerance today, and possibly appeal to corruption. He stressed that this will change "by joining forces with those prescribed by the state in key positions and the dynamic reaction of society that will show in every way his dislike of every practice braiding, corruption, trade, etc. spoils." He stated that nowadays there are no Messiahs, but still there are people who keep up the standards of ethics. The moral, he said, includes the legal, but is much broader. "In other words if it is legal, it is not necessarily moral, but if it is illegal then it is certainly or almost certainly immoral."
Moreover, Mr. Michaelides stated that changes from this year on, we change the disclosure of the Auditor General's findings and instead of the annual report to the President of the Republic, the Audit Office will publish the results of thematic findings as soon as they are completed. Moreover, he stressed that disclosure of the test results is the only weapon in hands of the service, which express the only view and has no executive authority, but was not effective in the way they were.
Mr. Michaelides said as a disadvantage the fact that the budget of the Audit Office is not independent, nor is the institution, but it needs the approval of the Cabinet.
Gen aud 3
The event was held with the support of the Cyprus Youth Board. Sponsors are the CNA, Politis newspaper, RIK, the Sigmalive and