The UCY School of Economics and Management is delighted to announce that graduates have gained five international first place awards in ICAEW's professional exams for September and December 2016 sittings.

UCY congratulates warmly the graduates Sofia Papageorgiou, Andreas Constantinou, Charalampia Skordi and Martinianos Papadopoulos, who achieved the highest grade and were awarded to the first place globally.

Specifically, on September 2016, Sofia Papageorgiou, who is a 2015 Accounting and Finance graduate trainee for PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited, won a First Place and the Spicer & Pegler prize for Financial Accounting & Reporting among 1,788 trainees.

On December 2016, Andreas Constantinou, who is a 2016 Accounting and Finance graduate trainee for PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited, Charalampia Skordi, who is also a 2016 Accounting and Finance graduate trainee for KPMG Limited, and Martinianos Papadopoulos, who is a 2014 Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate trainee also for PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited, won a Joint First Place and the Watts Prize Award for Audit and Assurance among 1,560 trainees.

Martinianos Papadopoulos also won the first place and Spicer & Pegler Prize in Financial Accounting and Reporting among 1,518 students on December 2016 sitting.

Both Audit and Assurance and Financial Accounting and Reporting first place prizes have been consistently won by UCY graduates that count an astonishing number of 25 ICAEW global awards since 2008 (see Table below).

Table: Prizes for University of Cyprus graduates since 2008
It is a continuation of global achievements that UCY graduates have had in the recent years, demonstrating their caliber, determination and their excellence in demanding professional examinations of the internationally recognized and prestigious qualification of the Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Chartered Accountant (ACA) aimed at creating the leaders of tomorrow.

"The overall objective is to ensure that our students continue to accomplish their goals and achieve greater success and, while supporting them to become the leaders of tomorrow. UCY has declared 2017 the Year for Quality Teaching. We are committed to creating an educational environment that enables our students to grow academically and socially. We prepare them to compete more effectively in an increasingly challenging business environment," said UCY Rector, Prof. Constantinos Christofides.