Dear friends

On behalf of the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service (A.A.S.W.S), I welcome you to our web page.
The A.A.S.W.S offers important services in various areas like studies, careers, personal guidance, social and psychological support, accommodation, student activities, athletic activities and health.
More specifically, we provide information on admissions regulations and programmes of study; we prepare schedules and examination programmes, we issue certificates of study, etc.
Moreover, we offer confidential counselling services and provide guidance and help to students with academic, economic, personal and financial problems.
Our Service encourages students to participate in group activities, and offers guidance in areas that concern student life and welfare such as accommodation, catering and scholarships.
The Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service helps students and graduates make career decisions. We can also place students in various services and departments of the University to help them gain with experience and earn important skills.
We look forward to helping you throughout your studies at the University of Cyprus, and we welcome your comments and suggestions about the services we offer.