Tuition Fees of Graduate Programs

  • The University of Cyprus announces that the tuition fees of the graduate programs since the academic year 2017/2018 will be as follows:


Study Fees for Master degree students

Since the academic year  2013/2014 and up to the academic year 2016/2017 there will be a 20% reduction of the instalments of the tuition fees.  For more information click here.

The fees for Master degrees are as follows:

Master Programmes: €5.125 per programme with the  following exceptions:


  • Master in Business Administration (MBA): €10.250
  • Master in Petroleum Engineering:  €8.000
  • In addition to graduate tuition, a clinical practicum fee of euro 1000 is charged in the Applied Program in School Psychology in order to cover expenses for clinical supervision services provided by Registered Professional Psychologists. (It applies for those students registered since the academic year 2013- 2014).
  • Master in Business Economics (Technology, Innovation Management Entrepreneurship - TIME MBE) : €10.000
  • Master in Design and Development of Computer Games and Interactive Media (Joint with Cut University): €4.100
  • Master in Economic Analysis: €4.100
  • Master in Financial Economics: €4.100
  • Master in Field Archaeology on Land and Under the Sea: €4.100
  • Master in Human Resource Management: €7.500


The fees for the Master programmes (total €5.125 per programme) should be paid as follows:
  • First semester: €500 upon offered a place in a postgraduate programme.
  • €700 prior to registration and €700 before the end of the exams period. The amount of €500 which is paid in advance is not refundable.
  • Second semester: €700 prior to registration and €700 before the end of the exams period.
  • Third semester: €700 prior to registration and €1.125 before the end of the exams period.




Fees for Doctoral Degree Students

 Holders of Master's degrees:

Non-holders of Master's degrees:

Programme of Clinical Psychology (for all PhD Students):


Payment of Fees


Fees must be paid prior to registration to the Accounts Office of the University, through the web using the ePayments (JCC SMART) System or directly at a Bank. Fees may be paid into the following bank accounts (except the MBA students):

Bank of Cyprus: Account Number 0128-05-023773

International Students:
Bank of Cyprus
IBAN NO: CY05 0020 0128 0000 0005 0237 7300
Details: I.D. Number & Name of Student (Tuition Fees)

Please note that bank transaction charges and commissions must be paid over and above the tuition fees. A copy of the bank receipt must be included with the registration form.

The deposit of €500 which is paid in advance, is not refundable.

Tuition Fees Payments for the MBA Students:

Bank of Cyprus: Account Number 357013223349

IBAN: CY55002001950000357013223349


 Postgraduate Student Funding


Apart from scholarships offered by the State, the University of Cyprus may subsidize a postgraduate student who offers to work as an assistant in covering the needs of his/her department or other departments. Assistantships may involve assisting in teaching, tutorials, help with assignments, lab supervision, grading, etc. They do not apply to the research activity of the student nor to the research activity of the academic and research staff. Monthly earnings can amount to €342 or €683 for a maximum period of ten months.