We invite researchers to submit titles and abstracts (300 words maximum) for one of the following broad themes.

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English will be the official language of the conference.

We intend to publish the conference proceedings as an edited peer-reviewed volume soon after the completion of the conference.

Broad Themes

• Material culture and the body

• The body in space

• The represented body

• The physical body as social body

Particular topics to be addressed might include:

The body and social and individual identity

The relationship between the body and material culture in the construction, performance and communication of embodied identities

Embodied practices

Representations of embodied identities

The physical body as artefact

Modifications of the body

The beautified body

Ethnicity and the body

Gender and the body

Age and the body

Sexuality and the body

The body and sensual experiences

Subsistence practices and the body

Body and memory