Further  Information on the employment procedure for non-EU-citizen Researchers:
  1.  You must complete and sign the Application form MEU1
  2. You will have to visit the Social Insurance District Office in Nicosia in order to apply for a Social Security Number. You must have all the necessary forms with you, which you will receive from the Human Resources Service at the University.
    • You must visit the Social Insurance District Office no earlier than the day of commencement of your employment and no later than one or two days after the date of commencement. The Social Security Department software system cannot issue a Social Security Number for an earlier date.
  3. If you do not have a personal bank account in Cyprus you must open one at a local bank.
  4. Finally, you must return to Human Resources Service Office to submit your bank account number (IBAN), Social Security Number, and a copy of your Alien Registration Certificate.