STAND-BY ENGINEER (+357-99-536858)

In the extreme case of phone unavailability, your call will be automatically redirected to the voicemail message. In such a case, please leave a message or call back later.  Please note that calls from telephones with hidden phone numbers are rejected.

The Information Systems Service offers a standby engineer service for after-office hours, including weekends and public holidays. Details follow:
Normal workday 17:30 until 07:30 the next day
Weekends and public holidays All day long
If there are any problems encountered during normal office hours, then the supporters of your department/service should be contacted.
The standby engineer service is for resolving critical problems regarding the following:
o the University's network backbone,
o the University's central servers,
o the central services provided to the University users, like:
    • e-mail / collaboration services
    • directory services
    • internet / Wi-Fi service
    • IP telephony
o the security of the University's domain.
Please note that this service does not cover the following problems:
  • o problems related to equipment and networks not administered by the Information Systems Service,
  • o hardware and/or software problems of departmental equipment (e.g. printer failures, office tools support),
  • o personal account problems and user settings (e.g. incorrect settings for email clients of individuals (such as MS Outlook, mac mail, thunderbird), incorrect network settings, quota problems etc),
  • o personal computer problems (e.g. malfunctioning operating systems, incorrect settings, viruses, malfunctioning wired/wireless network card)
The above mentioned problems are the responsibility of the supporters of your department/service. Please contact them during normal office hours to remedy such problems.