Language Centre Board

Assoc. Prof Anastasia Nikolopoulou – Dean of School of Humanities (Chair)
Prof Martin Strohmeier – Turkish & Middle Eastern Studies Department
Prof Charis Panagopoulos – School of Pure & Applied Sciences
Assoc. Prof. Marilena Karyolemou – School of Philosophy
Assist. Prof. Doa Fryni – French Studies & Modern Languages Department
Assoc. Prof. Maria Margaroni - English Studies Deparrtment
Helen Stavrou, Special Teaching Staff (irrelevant permanency)
Eleni Nikiforou , Special Teaching Staff (non-permanent)
Elias Argyrou, Special Teaching Staff (permanent)
Margarita Marti - Student Representative
Georgia Efstathiou - Student Representative
Acting Director: Shaunna Joannidou (attending)
Minutes taking: Lygia Christoforou Antoniou (LC Officer)