March 2019

The University of Cyprus invites applications to join the PhD program of the Department of law, with a start date in September 2019. Applications have to be submitted by Wednesday, April 3, 2019, at 12 noon.

The Department invites applications for thirteen (13) positions in the Doctoral program of the Department of Law leading to a PhD degree as follows:

  • 3 (three) positions under the supervision of Assoc. Professor Nikitas Hatzimihail
  • 2 (two) positions under the supervision of Assoc. Professor Charalambos Papacharalambous
  • 2 (two) positions under the supervision of Assoc. Professor Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou
  • 2 (two) positions under the supervision of Assoc. Professor Constantinos Kombos
  • 2 (two) positions under the supervision of Assoc. Professor Aristotelis Constantinides
  • 2 (two) positions under the supervision of Ass. Professor Costas Paraskeva
  • 2 (two) positions under the supervision of Lecturer Thomas Papadopoulos

Candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with the research interests of the academic staff of the Department and, if they wish, to contact them before submitting the application. Please refer to the Departmental Website for further information.

To be admitted to the Ph.D. program in Law, candidates must hold an undergraduate degree in Law and a master’s in Law from a recognized University. Excellent knowledge of the English language is required for entry to the program. Very good knowledge of a second or third European language may be taken into account.

The final decision for admission to the doctoral program is taken by the Committee on Postgraduate Studies of the Department of Law, following the recommendation by the proposed supervisor. Candidates who meet all the admission criteria may be invited to interview or to a written test.

Coordinator of the Ph.D. Program at the Department of Law

Associate Professor Nikitas Hatzimihail

Phone Number: 22892923 Emai: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submitting your Application:

Applications for the Ph.D. Program in Law are submitted ONLY electronically through the online application system of the University of Cyprus, by Tuesday, April 3, 2019 at 12 noon. Applications submitted in hard copy will not be accepted.

The following should be included in the online application:

  1. Curriculum vitae.
  2. Certified copies of University Degrees (undergraduate and postgraduate levels) or a Certificate of Graduation. (In case of admission to the program, certified copies of diplomas must be submitted at the latest when accepting the post).
  3. Academic Transcript (with a detailed record of grades) of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees.
  4. Preliminary (non-binding) research proposal of up to 2000 words in Greek or English, identifying the proposed supervisor and briefly describing the proposed subject, the proposed research methodology and the basic bibliography.
  5. At least one and no more than three written samples of academic writing.
  6. Evidence of excellent knowledge of the English language and any knowledge of other languages.
  7. The names and e-mail addresses of two (2) academic referees. Reference letters have to be submitted electronically through the application system until Wednesday, April 17, 2019. The Department may request additional confidential information from the referees.
Tuition Fees:
Ph.D. Program in Law: Total amount of tuition € 4,000

The Ph.D. Program consists of 240 ECTS. These are allocated as follows:
Research Methodology Course (first semester) 30 ECTS
Initial Research Stage/Literature Review (Stage 1, first and second semester) 60 ECTS
Comprehensive Examination* (Stage 2, end of second semester) 15 ECTS
Presentation and Approval of the doctoral dissertation proposal** (Stage 3, end of third semester) 10 ECTS
Final Research Stage (Stage 4, fourth semester onwards) 60 ECTS
Presentation of the research proposal in scientific meetings (Stage 5, fourth semester onwards) 5 ECTS
Writing of the doctoral dissertation (Stage 6, fourth semester onwards) 50 ECTS
Defence of doctoral dissertation (Stage 7, sixth semester onwards) 10 ECTS
*The Comprehensive examiantion consists of a comprehensive literature review of the dissertation topic of up to 12000 words (not including footnotes and bibliography), which accounts for 70% of the examination, followed by an oral exam of one hour, which accounts for 30% of the comprehensive examination.
**The proposal must be written in English and must not exceed 10000 words (excluding footnotes & bibliography) and it accounts for 70% of the assessment, followed by an oral exam of one hour, which accounts for 30% of the assessment. The oral exam may be in English and/or in Greek.
Language of the Ph.D. Program:

The language of instruction of the Ph.D. Program is English or Greek. The doctoral dissertation can be written in Greek or English. The doctoral dissertation may be written in English if the candidate has an excellent written and oral command of English and the Research Supervisor is in agreement. 

General Information:
Further information can be obtained through the Department Secretary, Monday to Friday from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.