REDA Conference 2019 on ‘Regulation and Enforcement in the Digital Age’. Coordinator: Tatiana Synodinou. 21-22 November 2019.

Conference on 'Juvenile Justice, Issues, Concerns and Future Directions: A Comparative Perspective.' Coordinator: Andreas Kapardis. 1 November 2019.

Conference on ‘The Republic of Cyprus and International Law'. Coordinator: Aris Constantinides. 24-26 October 2019.

Second Research Seminar Series of the Law Department. Coordinator: Ioanna Hadjiyianni. September-November 2019.

Presentation of the book “Criton Tornaritis Selected Opinions on Constitutional Law”, edited by A. Constantinides and Constantinos Kombos, 10 January.

Public Lecture by Alecos Markides “The Doctrine of Necessity in the Republic of Cyprus”, Coordinator: Constantinos Kombos, 25 February.

Public Lecture “The role of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and its Member States”, Coordinator: Constantinos Kombos (together with S. Laulhé Shaelou, UCLAN), 15 April.

First Research Seminar Series of the Law Department. Coordinator: Ioanna Hadjiyianni, March-April.

Colloquium and Book Presentation on “The Protection of the Environment from Human Intervention”. Coordinator: A Kapardis, 14 May.


Public Lecture on 'Law, New Technologies and Private Life’: Lecture by the Cypriot Judge to the CJEU, Constantinos Lycourgos, 13 February.

Public Lecture on 'Recent Developments in EU Competition Law’ Lecture by the Cypriot Judge to the General Court of the EU, Savvas Papasavvas, 22 March.

Public Lecture by Prof. Aeyal Gross (Πανεπιστήμιο Tel Aviv) on 'International Law and Occupation in Israel/Palestine and Cyprus' 24 April.

International Conference on 'Pluralism or Universalism in International Copyright Law' 31 May – 1 June.

Colloquium on ‘Data Protection in the Cypriot Justice System in light of the European Reforms’ Κυπριακό Συνστημα Απονομής Δικαιοσύνης Υπό το Φως των Ευρωπαϊκών Μεταρρυθμίσεων’, 26 September.

International Conference on 'Enhancing Police Criminal Investigations with Evidence-Βased Offender Profiling', 16 October.

Public Lecture on ‘The role of the Judge in the EU: The non-contractual liability of the EU’ Lecture by Cypriot Judge to the General Court of the EU, Anna Markoulli, 31 October.


Seminar on ‘Hate Speech: Legal Aspects’, 29 March.

Book Launch of ‘The Psychology of Crime, Policing and the Courts’ edited by A Karpadis and D Farrington, 4 April.

Book Launch of ‘Cypriot Administrative Law’ by Costas Paraskevas, 27 April.

Conference on ‘Cross-border Mergers Directive: EU perspectives and national experiences’, Academic Coordinator: Thomas Papadopoulos, 7 October 2017.

Conference on 'Structuring Judicial Discretion at Sentencing: Current Perspectives and Future Directions' , 13-14 October.

International Conference REDA 2017 "Regulation and Enforcement in the Digital Age", 16-17 November.

Public Lecture by Prof. Mark Israel on 'Ethics in Criminological Research: A Powerful Force, or a Force for the Powerful?' 1 December.

Book Presentation of 'Fundamental Cypriot Legislation' edited by Nikitas Hatzimihail, 22 January.


Public Lecture on ‘The Structural Problems of the Turkish Regime: The Fundamental Provisions and the Rule of Law’ Coordinator: Aristotelis Constantinides, 20 July.

International Conference onThe Aims of Punishment’, 29-30 September.


Public Lecture on ‘Work of the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus’. Coordinator: Aristotelis Constantinides, 23 January.

Public Lecture on ‘What happened to the Swiss banking secret? Legal challenges for financial services centres’. Coordinator: Aris Constantinides, 8 February.

Public Lecture on ‘Cyber espionage and international law’. Coordinator: Aris Constantinides, 10 March.

Conference: "Drawing on Illegal Evidence in Criminal Trial & probative prohibitions. Comparative Approach of Cypruiot & Greek Law. International & European Trends" (Coordinator: Ch. Papacharalampous). University of Cyprus, October 24-25.

Presentation of the book of C. Paraskeva, entitled "Cyprus Constitutional Law: Fundamental Rights and Freedoms", 22 April.

The impact of the European Convention on Human Rights in the Cyprus legal order (Coordinator: C. Paraskevas). April 27.

Public Lecture on ‘From trusteeship to self-determination and back again’. Coordinator: Aris Constantinides, November 27.


Conference: "Mediation and Mediation techniques" (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael). University of Cyprus,  June 30-  July 1

Conference: "Mediation legal frameworks and Mediation techniques" (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael). University of Cyprus, September 17-18 

Conference: Comparative Criminal Law: Evidences.  (Coordinator: Ch. Papacharalampous). University of Cyprus, October 13-14.

Scientific day conference: "1974-2014: 40 Years Repatriation of Cultural Heritage of Cyprus". Coordinator: N. Hadjimichael, November 29.

Public Lecture: "The protection of geographical indications in the EU" Coordinator: Τ. Synodinou, Mars 19. 

Dimodia lecture entitled: "The Ukraine Crisis: Αn International Law Perspective". Coordinator : Α. Constantinides (together with C. Constantinou), March 12 

Public lecture on "European banking law: The single supervisory mechanism will bring the expected confidence in the financial market?". Coordinator : Τ. Synodinou, February 26.

Public lecture: "The Fight Against Tax Crimes from an International and a Swiss Perspective", University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Professor Andreas Ziegler, University of Lausanne).Coordinator : A. Constantinides, February 5.

Presentation of the book of C. Papacharalampous and C. Papastylianou entitled "Sovereignty, otherness rights", April 29.

Lecture Series on "The people behind the judicial decisions". Organized by the Department of Social and Political Sciences and the Department of Law. Coordinators: A. Constantinides, Κ. Agapiou-Iosifidou, 11 March, Meletis Apostolides

Discussion on "Joint Communiqué: Legal Analysis and Evaluation" Speakers: C. Combos, A. Konstantinides, C. Paraskevas. Coordinator: I. Nicholaou. Campus, February 19.


Lecture Series on "The people behind the judicial decisions". Organized by the Department of Social and Political Sciences and the Department of Law. Coordinators: A. Constantinides, Κ. Agapiou-Iosifidou, 14 October, Titina Loizidou.

Day conference in memory of Dimitris Tsatsos: "The impact of the crisis in the European Union and the constitutional order of Member States". Coordinator: C. Combos, October 30.

Discussion on "Liberalization of the energy market and renewable energy sources" (coordinators: N. Hadjimichael, Ch. Savvides). University of Cyprus, November 27.

Pancyprian Competition Moot Court of ELSA Cyprus on  Substantive Criminal Law Issues (University of Cyprus, Semifinals & Final Phase, respectively). Coordinator: Ch. Papacharalambous, February 20 and 27.


International Conference jointly organised with the Uniersity of Brussels(U.L.B.): "Cross-Border Class Actions: The European Way?" (Coordinator: Α. Nuyts, Ν. Hadjimichael). Brussels,  April 27.

Public lecture: "Good administration, accountability, rule of law: The role of the Ombudsman", University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Professor Ν. Diamantouros, Ombudsman). Organizer: A. Constantinides - Coordinator: C. Combos, September 18.

Public lecture: "Τhe Argentine Crisis Before Investment Tribunals", University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Christina Binder, University of Vienna). Coordinator : A.. Constantinides, February 21.

Presentation of the book of T. Synodinou entitled "Cyprus property law ", June 13.

Presentation of the book of former President of Supreme Court of Cyprus Mr. C. Pikis entitled "Justice and the Judiciary", under honorary event. Coordination: A. Constantinides, November 14 .

Day conference under the aegis of the Department of Law in memory of Christ Tsaitouridi:"Crossroads of thinking. Questions and aspects of contemporary legal theory." Coordinator: Ch. Papacharalambous 29 September.


Conference: "Thorny Legal Issues in Aviation Safety and Accident Investigation". (Coordinator: Α. Kapardes) Univerity of Nicosia, December 2-3 .

Conference: "European Project on Judicial Cooperation in matters of market regulation and consumer welfare", Paphos - Nicosia (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael). September 29  - October 2.

International Workshop on "Private International Law: European Dimensions on International Civil and Commercial Litigation". Organizers: University of Cyprus, Université Libre de Bruxelles (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael). University of Cyprus, September 30. 

Ιnternational Conference on "European Copyright Law, Towards a European Copyright Code?"(coordinator: Τ. Synodinou). University of Cyprus, April 14-15.

Day conference on "Intellectual property and art: Experiences, challenges, perspectives on the Cyprus legal system." Coordinator: T. Synodinou, December 2.


Conference: "The Cyprus Problem in Progress - International Dimension, Governance Issues, Human Rights", University of Cyprus. (coordinator: A. Constantinides) April 23-24 

Conference: "50 years of the Constitution of Cyprus", University of Cyprus, (coordinator: C. Combos και C. Τsaitourides) November 19-20 

Conference: ''International Conference on Criminal Law and Crime Prevention'', Nicosia, (coordinatorι: Α. Kapardes και Ch. Charalampous) November 5-6.

Day conference on "Intellectual Property Rights in the academic environment." Coordinator: T. Synodinou, December 9.


Three - day Conference "Contemporary issues of cypriot and greek civil law""Contemporary issues of cypriot and greek civil law". Organizers: University of Cyprus, Union of Civil lawyers, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (coordinator: Ν. Hadjimichael) University of Cyprus, October 30-31.

Public lecture: "The International Criminal Court and Occupied Territories", University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Professor William Schabas). Coordinator : A. Constantinides, September 30.

Day conference on "The protection provided by the ECJ" under the aegis of the President of the House of Representatives with guest speakers the President of the Court of Justice, Judge Vassilios Skouris, Judge EGC Savvas Papasavvas, Judge of CJEU George Arestis and the President of the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives Nicholas Ionas. Coordinator: C. Combos.

Public discussion on 'Issues of justice in Cases of Human Rights', Nicosia. Coordinator: A. Constantinides, April 2


International Conference: "Transnational Public Interest Litigation in Domestic Courts", . Organizer: University of Cyprus (coordinators: Α. Constantinides, Ν. Hadjimichael). University of Cyprus,  October 31 - November 1.

Inaugural lecture: "The big dilemmas of private international law", University of Cyprus, Nicosia, with Prof. S. Symeonides, 10 October.

Lecture Series of the Department of Law in cooperation with the Nicosia Bar Association 2007-2008.

Colloquium "Harmonisation in Practice: the Paradigm of European Public Law", University of Cyprus. Coordinator: C. Combos, October 18.


International Seminar on 'The Protection of Cultural Heritage in International Law', University of Cyprus, Nicosia. Coordinator: A. Constantinides, April 20.


Seminar on 'The war in Lebanon from the perspective of international law', University of Cyprus, Nicosia. Coordinator: A. Constantinides, November 21.