Nicosia, with a population of around 240.000, is the island's largest city. Although Nicosia is a modern city with highrises, shopping centres, theatres and restaurants, it has retained its historical character in the preserved and renovated "Old City" centre, located within the Venetian walls. These city walls, which separate the old town from the new, testify to Cyprus's long history of domination by foreign rulers.
The ceasefire line (also known as the "Green Line") alerts visitors to Nicosia's status as the last divided capital in Europe. Despite that, Nicosia is a modern commercial centre, with a rich cultural and social and athletic life. A selection of theatres, cinemas, night clubs, restaurants and athletic centres enrich the visitor's stay. Nicosia is the administrative, cultural, educational and religious centre of the country, and is also geographically at the centre of the island. Economic service (group) taxis and bus routes operate between all main cities.
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