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Technical Reports 2006

· TR-01-2006 Νikolaidou, C and Sapatinas, T., Wavelet Density Estimation for Weighted Data.

· ΤR-02-2006 Michis, A.A. and Sapatinas T., Forecasting Marketing Time Series with Wavelet Packet Transfer Function Models.

· ΤR-03-2006 Smyrlis Yiorgos Sokratis, Applicability and Applications of the Method of Fundamental Solutions.PDF FILE

· TR-04-2006 Karageorghis A. and Kyza I., Efficient Algorithms for Approximating Particular Solutions of Elliptic Equations Using Chebyshev Polynomials

· ΤR-05-2006 Abramovich F., De Feis I. and Sapatinas T.,Optimal Testing for Additivity in Multiple Nonparametric Regression.

· ΤR-06-2006 Elliotis M., Georgiou G. and Xenophontos Ch.,The Singular Function Boundary Integral Method for Biharmonic Problems with Crack Singularities.

· TR-07-2006 Rao C.R., Shanbhag D.N., Sapatinas T. and Rao M.B., Some properties of extreme stable laws and related infinitely divisible random variables.

· TR-08-2006 Karageorghis A. and Smyrlis Y.S., Matrix Decomposition MFS Algorithms for Elasticity and Thermo-Elasticity problems in Axisymmetric Domains PDF FILE

· TR-09-2006 Michis A. and Sapatinas T., Wavelet Instruments for Efficiency Gains in Generalized Method of Moments Models.

· TR-10-2006 Taliadorou E., Georgiou G and Alexandrou A., A two-dimensional numerical study of the stick-slip extrusion instability.

· TR-11-2006 Stefanopoulos V., Uniform Approximation by Universal Series on Arbitrary Sets.

· TR-12-2006 Stefanopoulos V., Universal Series and Fundamental Solutions of the Cauchy-Riemann Operator

· TR-13-2006 Metaftsis V. and Sykiotis M., On the residual finiteness of outer automorphisms of relatively hyperbolic groups.PDF FILE

· TR-14-2006 Sykiotis M., Fixed Subgroups of Endomorphisms of Free Products.PDF FILE

· ΤR-15-2006 - Paparoditis E., Testing Temporary Constancy of the Spectral Structure of a Time Series.

· TR-16-2006 - Smyrlis Y.S., Είναι άραγε νεκρός ο Ευκλείδης;.PDF FILE

· TR-17-2006 - Fokianos K. and Tsolaki E., Ridge estimation for INAR (P} models.

· TR-18-2006 � Petsa A. and Sapatinas T., Adaptive quadratic functional estimation of a weighted density by model selection.