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Technical Reports 2008

  • TR-05-2008– Marianna Pensky, Sapatinas Theofanis, Functional Deconvolution in a Periodic Setting: Non-Uniform Case
  • TR-04-2008– Mantalos P., Mattheou K. and Karagrigoriou A., Using the Divergence Information Criterion for the Determination of the Order of an Autoregressive Process. PDF FILE
  • TR-03-2008– Katsabekis Anargyros and Thoma Apostolos, Specializations of multigradings and the arithmetical rank of lattice ideals.
  • TR-02-2008– Bochkina N. and Sapatinas T., Μinimax rates of convergence and optimality of Bayers factor wavelet regression estimators under pointwise risks.
  • TR-01-2008– Petsa Athanasia and Sapatinas Theofanis, Μinimax Convergence Rates Under the - Risk in the Functional Deconvolution Model.