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Proposal Acronym: CY-Biobank
Title of Proposal: Biobanking and the Cyprus Human Genome Project
Project Coordinator: Prof. Constantinos Deltas
EUROPEAN COMMISSION-Horizon 2020 - Research and Innovation Framework Programme
Funding scheme: Framework Partnership Agreement
Proposal number: 664561
Duration (months): 12
The CY-Biobank project was funded through Stage 1 of the H2020-TEAMING action of the European Commission, with the aim to upgrade the Molecular Medicine Research Center (MMRC) of the University of Cyprus in to a Center of Excellence in Biobanking, while also developing a large scale project in human genetics. We, at MMRC and our friends and colleagues, are very enthusiastic with this success which gives us the opportunity to enter the Stage 2 competition and seek up to €15 mi, with the aim to build a contemporary infrastructure to satisfy the needs of Cyprus in this respect.
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