• A teaching unit lasts fifty minutes.
  • Attendance is compulsory for all courses
  • At the completion of each course, a certificate of the School of Modern Greek is issued to all students who have attended courses regularly and successfully completed both the written and oral examination. The certificate records the course title, course level, student attendance, total course hours and the final grade.

No certificate is issued to:

  • Students who have not taken the final written and oral examination
  • Students who have failed the final written and oral examination
  • Students who have not fulfilled their financial obligations the School of Modern Greek.
  • Students who have made up to 6 absences for the winter intensive, non- intensive and spring intensive course and up to 3 absences for the summer course.

In case of interruption of studies, a certificate of attendance recording the period/hours that the student attended the School courses may be issued on demand.



Tuition fees are as follows:

  • 250€ for the Intensive Summer Course (one month).
  • 400 € for the One-Semester Intensive Course (13 weeks). For students participating in the European Union exchange programs the course is free of charge
  • 400 € for the Non Intensive Programe, two-semesters course (26 weeks).

The following student categories are exempted from paying fees:


There are no provisions for a reduction in fees.

All fees are paid to the bank account of the School of Modern Greek before the beginning of courses. Information about payment are given by the secretary of the School



Students enrolled in the School of Modern Greek are entitled to use all the facilities of the University of Cyprus, the athletics center, the coffee shop and the student restaurant, the computer center and the library. Students of the School of Modern Greek are bound by the same regulations as the students of the University of Cyprus.