• Synthesis and characterization of functional organic polymers using Reversible Addition-Fragmentation chain Transfer (RAFT) controlled radical polymerization and conventional free radical polymerization.
  • Synthesis, characterization and application of polymer-based nanohybrids such as polymer-stabilized metal and metal oxide nanoparticles in solution and organic-inorganic hybrid block copolymer micelles stabilized in either organic or aqueous solvents.
  • Synthesis of polymer-based nanocomposites in the form of electrospun fibers and 3D-networks via the combination of functional polymeric materials with inorganic nanoparticulates including metal (e.g. Au, Pd, Ag etc.) and metal oxide (e.g. Cu2O, magnetic FexOy) nanoparticles. Applications of functional polymers and polymer-based nanocomposites in biomedicine, catalysis, water remediation processes, optoelectronics, sensing, energy-related applications etc.