The Polymers and Polymer Processing Laboratories located at Latsia Campus possess infrastructure for materials synthesis [2 laboratory fumehoods, a rotary evaporator, high vacuum pumps, vacuum oven and dry oven, two vacuum lines, etc.], materials processing including a custom-made electrospinning set-up consisting of a controlled-flow, four-channel volumetric microdialysis pump (KD Scientific, Model: 789252), a syringe with a connected spinneret needle electrode, a high-voltage power source (10–50 kV) and a custom-designed, grounded target collector, inside an interlocked Faraday enclosure safety cabinet, a spin-coater (Novocontrol Technologies), and characterization a UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Jasco V-630 UV-vis spectrophotometer) and a Size Exclusion Chromatography system supplied by Polymer Standards Service (PSS).

The group members have also access to equipment that is available in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering including a Scanning Electron Microscopy (Vega TS5136LS-Tescan, Brno, Czech Republic), a sputtering system (sputtering system K575X Turbo Sputter Coater-Emitech, Quorum Technologies Ltd., West-Sussex, UK), an FTIR spectrometer (Jasco), An XRD (Rigaku), a mechanical testing system (Instron 5944, Norwood, MA, USA), etc.


Laboratory Equipment

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