Welcome to the webpage for the University of Cyprus postgraduate degree in Gender Studies, a degree which aims at the critical study of and research in gender issues and at the promotion of gender studies.

The University of Cyprus is now running a new postgraduate degree in Gender Studies, available on a master's (MA) and doctoral (PhD) level. The programme responds to the need for gender expertise and the education of professionals who will work to incorporate gender mainstreaming in all areas of life.
The programme is offered by the University of Cyprus and is co-ordinated by the UNESCO Chair in Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment and the Centre for Gender Studies of the University of Cyprus.
Accommodating graduates from all scholarly backgrounds, the degree affords students the opportunity to critically engage with the wide range of themes, resources, methodologies and analytical approaches that constitute gender studies, and apply these to a diverse number of sectors and fields.
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Mary Koutselini