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Christodoulou Chris Professor Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience, Neural Networks, Machine Learning
Chrysanthou Yiorgos Professor Computer Graphics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Computer Games.
Demopoulos Yannis Professor Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Al planning, Non- monotonic Reasoning, Constraint Satisfaction
Dikaiakos D. Marios Professor Network Centric Computing, With and Emphasis on Grid Computing, Web Technologies, Mobile Computing
Evripidou Paraskevas Professor Parallel Processing and Computer Architecture, Mobile and Pervasive Computing
Kakas C. Antonis Professor Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems, Machine Learning, Computational Bioscience
Keravnou-Papailiou Elpida Professor Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Diagnostic Systems, Temporal Information Systems in Medicine (temporal data abstraction), Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine/Temporal Data Mining, Hybrid Decision Support Systems.
Mavronicolas Marios Professor Algorithmic Game Theory, Distributed and Parallel Computing, Algorithmic Issues in Communications Networks, Computational Complexity
Papadopoulos A. George Professor Information Systems, Cloud Computing, Technology Enhanced Learning, e-Health,
E-Government, Software Engineering and Internet Technologies.
Pattichis S. Constantinos Professor Intelligent Systems, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Signal and Image Processing and Analysis, Telematics and Their Applications in Medicine
Pitsillides Andreas Professor Communication networks, Internet-of-Things (IoTs), Smart Systems and Smart Spaces. Adaptation and application of mathematical tools to solve problems in communication networks.
Schizas N. Christos Professor Electronic Health (eHealth), Computational Intelligence, Artificial
Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Systems Theory, Diagnostic Systems in
Medicine, Engineering, Meteorology, and Financial Systems.
Filippou Anna Associate Professor Concurrency Theory, Formal Methods and their application in distributed and real-time systems, Type Systems, Privacy
Georgiou Chryssis Assiociate Professor Distributed and Parallel Computing (Theory and Practice), Fault-Tolerance and Dependability, Algorithms and Complexity, Dynamic Computing Environments
Sazeides Yiannos Associate Professor Computer Architecture: Patterns of Computation, Cache Redundancy, Chip Multicores, Power and Temperature Aware Microarchitectures, Prediction, and Speculation
Zeinalipour Demetris Associate Professor Data Management in Computer Systems and Networks: Mobile and Sensor Data Management; Big Data Management in Parallel and Distributed Architectures; Spatio-Temporal Data Management; Network and Telco Data Management; Crowd, Web 2.0 and Indoor Data Management; Data Privacy Management
Aristidou Andreas Assistant Professor Computer Graphics, 3D character animation, Motion Capture, 3D Motion analysis and synthesis.
Athanasopoulos Elias Elias Assistant Professor System Security and Privacy
Kapitsaki Georgia Assistant Professor Software Reuse, Software Reuse, Open Source Software, Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Context-aware applications, Web of Things, Service-Oriented Computing.
Pallis George Assistant Professor Internet Computing, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Online Social Networks
Vassiliou Vasos Assistant Professor Computer and Communication Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Next Generation Network Architectures, Mobile Networks, Wireless Communications, Network Security, Smart Systems (Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Energy Grid)