Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Charalambous D. Charalambos Professor Stochastic Systems, Stochastic Optimal Control, Filtering and Decision, Game Theory with
Decentralized Information, Information Theory of Stochastic Systems, Machine Intelligence, Telecommunication Networks, Applications
Georghiou George  Professor Solar Energy, Photovoltaics, Renewable Energy, Smart Networks, Grid Integration, Plasma Processes, Electromagnetics
Hadjicostis Christoforos Professor Error Control Coding for Fault-Tolerant Systems, Design of Reliable Systems and Networks, Monitoring and Control of Distributed Systems, Discrete Event Systems
Polycarpou Marios Professor Intelligent Systems and Control, Adaptive and Neural Control Systems, Computational Intelligence, Fault Diagnosis, Monitoring and Control of Large-Scale Safety-Critical Systems
Charalambous A. Charalambos Associate Professor Earthing Systems & lightning protection, risk management and security of supply, Electrical Power Systems and Energy
Ellinas George Associate Professor Telecommunications, Optical Communication Systems and Networks, Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Georgiou Julius Associate Professor Microelectronics, Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuits, Sensors, Biomedical electronics
Iezekiel Stavros Associate Professor Microwave and Optical Systems
Kyriakides Elias Associate Professor Electric Power Systems, Renewable Sources of Energy, Smart Grids, Electrical Machines
Michael Maria Associate Professor Computer-Aided
Design and Test for Digital Systems and Circuits, Fault Tolerance and
Reliability, Design for Testability, Graph Theory and (Parallel)
Algorithms for CAD tools.
Panayiotou Christos Associate Professor Networks, Telecommunications and Intelligent Systems
Pitris Constantinos Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering, Optics and Biomedical Imaging, Medical Diagnostics
Mitsis Georgios Assistant Professor Nonlinear and Nonstationary Systems Identification, Biosignal Processing, Quantitative Systems Physiology, Functional Brain Imaging (EEG, fMRI), Glucose Metabolism and Control
Krikidis Ioannis Assistant Professor Wireless Communicatios, Cognitive radio, Cooperative networks, Information theory, Physical layer
Nicopoulos Chrysostomos Assistant Professor Computer Architecture, Network-On-Chip Architecture, Digital System Design
Theocharides Theocharis Assistant Professor Perceptual Computing, Intelligent Hardware Systems, Digital Systems and Circuits
Marco A. Antoniades Lecturer Passive and active antennas, RF/microwave circuits, negative-refractive-index
metamaterials, implantable devices and antennas for biomedical applications,
biomedical imaging, radio-frequency identification, wireless energy transfer.