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Giapintzakis Ioannis Professor Materials Science and Technology
Kassinos Stavros
Professor Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence, Plasma and MHD turbulence, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Parallel Computing, computational fluid dynamics of biomedical flows
Averkiou Michalis Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering, Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy, ultrasound transducers, Tumor therapy monitoring, drug delivery, tumor angiogenesis
Krasia Christoforou Theodora Associate Professor Materials Science and Engineering: Polymers/Polymer nanocomposites
Kyprianou Andreas Associate Professor Linear and Non-Linear Dynamics and Vibrations and applications of signal processing
 Kyratsi Theodora Associate Professor Material Science and Technology
Louca Loucas Associate Professor Modeling of Dynamic Physical Systems, Robotic Evaluation and Rehabilitation, Modeling
and Optimization of Automotive Systems, Multi-body Dynamics, Computer Aided Modeling and Simulation
Rebholz Claus Associate Professor Materials and Surface Engineering
Grigoriadis Dimokratis Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Renewable energy sources
Zervos Matthew Associate Professor Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Nanotechnology
Stylianopoulos Triantafyllos Assistant Professor Biomechanics, Tumor patho-physiology, Drug delivery to solid tumors, nanomedicine
Assistant Professor Computer methods in applied mechanics and biomechanics In-silico modelling High-performance computing