The Clinical Psychology & Psychophysiology Lab, directed by Georgia Panayiotou and George Spanoudis, is located at the new wing of the central campus. The lab consists of one large room with an oneway observation window and is equipped with the BIOPAC system for psychophysiological recording, as well as networked computers. The lab is also equipped with a high-density EEG/ERP recording system (an unshielded 128-channel BIOSEMI Active-Two) for data acquisition with typical and atypical populations, and the latest software in modeling source generators. Theanalysis software packages used for processing EEG/ERP data are BESA, EEGlab, and Matlab routines; Stimuli are presented to the participants through the Presentation or E-prime software. This equipment is used to study behavioural measures (response times, error rates), and psychophysiological markers (ERPs). Other physiological measures that we use routinely in our research include electrodermal and cardiovascular acivity, facial muscle (EMG) response, and startle reflex. There is an adjacent observation and control room (shared with the Neurocognitive Research Lab) used for data recording and observation. The lab is primarily focused on investigating individual differences that underlie clinical symptoms and behavior, primarily through examination of psychophysiological indicators. Currently, the following research projects are being conducted, with funding by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation:

1. Psychosocial parameters predicting involvement in serious traffic accidents and suggestions for prevention
2. Cognitive and physiological reactions in Anxiety Disorders
3. Epidemiology, consequences, and related factors of Anxiety Disorders in Cyprus
4. Desire to smoke during stressful cognitive tasks
5. Basic emotion psychophysiology
6. Psychophysiological correlates of the developing intelligence.
7. The psychophysiological underpinnings of specific language impairment
8. Brain Computer interfaces for neuropsychological rehabilitation.
9. The effects of humor on memory: A psychophysiological investigation

Several undergraduates and graduate students participate in research projects each year via independent studies, undergraduate and master's theses, and doctoral research. Students interested in participating in research at the lab should contact Dr. Panayiotou at 22892081 or Dr. Spanoudis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., respectively.