Useful Information for the Submission of Proposal
  1. Statute establishing the University of Cyprus in English (Part A and Part B).
  2. New Legal Representative (LEAR) of UCY from 15.01.2018 - Announcement.
  3. Legal Entity Form
  4. Laws 1989-2016 in Greek
  5. VAT No. Registration University of Cyprus.
  6. Please find here information regarding the PIC No, Erasmus University Charter, Erasmus ID Code, Legal Representative and PADOR.
  7. Please find here a description of the University of Cyprus (Last updated 10/2018)
  8. List with currect research projects of the University of Cyprus (Last updated 7/2018)
  9. List with completed research project of the University of Cyprus 01/2012-06/2018
  10. Description of Project Management (Sample)
  11. Number of empolyees of UCY in 2015, 2016 and 2017
  12. Per diem rates per city/country
  13. Official Address of the University of Cyprus.
  14. Ascension of responsibility in cases of unpaid leave of the principal investigator.
  15. Regulations for Special Scientists
  16. National contact points and their responibilities

Marie Curie 

  1. Sample paragraph for Marie Curie proposal preparation unde Post Doctoral Position "practical arrangements for the implementation of a Marie Curie Project"
  2. Sample paragraph for the strategy of research promotion to be used for Marie-Curie Projects.
  3. List of Marie Curie projects (University of Cyprus) (Dec. 2017)

Research Promotion Foundation Programmes

  1. Host Organization Profile Form (University of Cyprus)
  2. Useful Information for RESTART programmes

COST Actions

  1. Overheads for COST Actions

Employment of Researchers (Guidelines)

  1. Law related to Research Assistants, Postgraduatre Researchers, Special Scientists (Human Resources Services)
  2. Termination of Researcher's Employment Contract