Entry Criteria for MA Programme
(1) Candidates for the MA programme should be graduates of an accredited university department, holding degree in Political Sciences or in relevant fields.

(2) Graduates of Greek universities or of the University of Cyprus should normally hold at least 7.0 or above. The equivalent grade is required from graduates of other universities.

(3) Teaching language is Greek; still, the dissertation and other academic essays could be written in English or in other languages, if that is possible, with the permission of the student’s supervisor and MA coordinator.

(4) A good knowledge of the English language is required. The knowledge of an additional foreign language will be counted as an extra qualification.

(5) Final decision for admissions in the postgraduate programme is taken by the Departmental Council, following a recommendation from the Postgraduate Studies Committee. The committee assesses whether it is necessary to call a candidate for an interview or/and in written examination, even if they meet all entry requirements.

(6) The annual number of entrants to the programme is: 20 (10 in each specialization).

Submission of Application
In order to be eligible for admission, applications must be properly submitted during the dates set by the University of Cyprus. Applications can be submitted electronically using The Online Application System. Applications should include the following:
  1. A photocopy of a university undergraduate degree (applications may be submitted by candidates who hold an accredited university degree or a qualification that has been approved by KYSATS - Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications - as being equivalent to a university degree. Applications may also be accepted from candidates who present a university degree or a university graduation confirmation by the end of the week before enrolment week).
  2. A detailed transcript of undergraduate degree results.
  3. A brief curriculum vitae.
  4. A certificate demonstrating the required knowledge of the English language, and possible other foreign languages, but also Greek language for graduates of non-Greek universities.
  5. Two reference letters (at least one from an academic).
  6. A brief statement (up to two pages in length) describing the applicants research goals and interests.