Program’s Purpose and Objectives
The programme of study is structured to offer students a comprehensive education in the key fields of Political Science. The programme aims to provide students with an exceptional education that fosters independent and analytical thought and that encourages a reframing of enduring and contemporary political issues while taking into particular account historical and social context. Students will first become familiar with, and subsequently expand their understanding of the four key subfields of Political Science: Political Theory, International Relations, Comparative Politics and the European Union. The programme also requires students to develop their linguistic, technological and methodological skills. The programme graduates will be skilled in theoretical, empirical and critical analysis of complex and multifaceted political phenomena, using contemporary cognitive, conceptual and methodological tools employed by Political Science.
Intended Learning Outcomes
1. Students will acquire a powerful knowledge base in the fundamentals of the four key subfields of Political Science (Political Theory, International Relations, Comparative Politics, European Union).
2. Students will acquire specialised knowledge and the ability of knowledge synthesis in specific areas of the field.
3. Students will develop the ability to independently analyse political phenomena and outcomes, using cognitive, conceptual and methodological tools employed by the discipline.
4. Students will enhance their linguistic skills by learning a second language and by developing their composition of complex political essays and assignments.
5. Students will become competent in using a variety of methods of empirical analysis.
6. Students will acquire the ability to reframe and reflect, with a critical understanding of the role of structures and actors in the shaping of political outcomes.