Name of the Institution
University of Cyprus
City of the Institution
Name of Program of Study

Political Science (4 years, 240 ECTS, Degree)
Final Higher Education Qualification

Political Science Degree
Type of the Program of Study
Conventional Program, Academic
Duration of Studies
4 Academic Years, 8 Semesters, 30 ECTS/Semester (240 ECTS)
Program’s Language of Instruction
Greek (4 specific courses are available in English, open to program students and Erasmus students)
Student Admission Requirements
• Pancyprian Examinations: the vast majority of newly admitted undergraduate students enter the University of Cyprus following Pancyprian Examinations organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture for admission into establishments of higher education. Those candidates who intend to attend all the classes of the course of the Department for which they wish to secure a place, have the right to apply for admission to Cyprus University.
• Admission based on Special Criteria: candidates who have taken the Pancyprian Examinations and who meet certain special criteria, as the seareset out in the Rules and Regulations of Academic and Student Affairs, may seek a limited number of places (14% of Cypriot admissions).
• Top athletes and persons distinguished in International Olympiads: athletes with top distinctions in sports, as defined by the Council of the University of Cyprus or who have won 1st 2nd or 3rd place medals in International Olympiads (e.g. Mathematics, ICT, Biology, etc.), may be admitted into Departments of Cyprus University without examinations simply on the basis of their Lyceum Leaving Certificate.
• Entry on the basis of Panhellenic Examinations: 10% of the total number of places offered through the Pancyprian Examinations may be taken up by candidates passing the Panhellenic Examinations. The candidates are selected on the basis of the results of the Panhellenic Examinations, after they have filled in the special online form of Cyprus University.Cypriots who reside permanently in Greece may participate in these examinations.
• Entry on the basis of International Examinations: an additional number of places (3%) of admissions from Cyprus may be sought on the basis of the results of international examinations suchas GCE, Baccalaureate or other equivalent examinations, by Cypriots belonging to the Republic’s official religious groups, repatriated Cypriots, Cypriots who reside permanently abroad, Greeks of the diaspora, children of officials of the Cypriot Foreign Service and foreign citizens from EU states or countries outside the European Union.
• Turkish-Cypriots: Turkish Cypriot graduates of six-grade secondary schools are admitted on the basis of their school-leaving certificate or after passing special written or oral examinations organised by the competent Department.
• Transfers/Second Degree: every year Cyprus University offers a limited number of places for internal/external transfers and for obtaining a second degree.