*Planning / Design
The University House 'Anastasios G. Leventis' is an in-house project and its design was completed in May 2002.
The University received a generous donation for its construction by the Anastasios G. Levenits Foundation; a dedicated supporter of culture and education.
Design Team
The design and supervision of the project was undertaken by the Campus Development Office under the direction of the Head of UCY Technical Services / Director of Campus Development Office, Mr. Agis Elisseos.
The CDO project team is presented below:
Vassos Olympios - CDO
Associates Architects:
Tatiana Michaelidou - CDO
Chloe Papanastasiou - CDO
Civil Engineers:
Stelios Achniotis - CDO
Yiannakis Yianni - CDO
Electrical Engineers:
Charalambos Kitsios - CDO
Mechanical Engineers:
Photis Papadopoulos - CDO
Constantinos Charalambous - CDO
Quantity Surveyors:
The MDA Partnership Ltd
Project Description / Uses
The University House 'Anastasios G. Leventis' accommodates the administration and administrative services of the University of Cyprus. It houses the University Council, Senate, Rector's Council and Directorate of Administration and Finance. It also houses a large part of the administrative services: the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare, Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Systems, Research and International Relations and the Technical Services.
In addition to the uses required for the operation of the above Entities/Services, there exist in the building provisions for seminars, an amphitheatre of 160 places, a cafeteria and common lobbies on every floor where formal/informal events can be organised. The building is developed in four levels and a semi underground level.
The building holds a predominant place on Campus, on a central axis across the main entrance as foreseen in the Campus Master Plan, denoting its central decision-making and administrative role.
Building Area
The total area of the building is 11.207 square metres as analysed below:
Building name
Building¹ Area (sq.m.)
Building² Area (sq.m.)
open-air³ spaces Area (sq.m.)
Total Area*(sq.m.)
ADM 01
1 Does not include Lobbies, circulation spaces, stairs, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, servers and walls.
2 Includes all indoor areas.
3 Includes all open-air covered areas.
4 It is the total of the Gross Building Area plus the Semi open-air spaces Area.
Project Construction
Construction works for the building began at 2002 and were completed in December 2005.
Project Cost
The cost for the construction works, amounted to approximately €11.860.000 (excluding V.A.T.).
Building Contractors
The implementation of the construction works of the project was undertaken by the firms shown below:
Main Contractor:
Miltiades Neophytou CECD Ltd
Electrical Subcontractor:
YTM Stavrides Ltd
Mechanical Subcontractor:
Caramondani Bros Ltd