Research Programmes:

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Research Interests of the Academic Staff

Niyazi Kizilyürek
Political History of Cyprus, Political History of Modern Turkey, Nationalism.

Börte Sagaster
Associate Professor
The transition from late Ottoman to Modern Literature, Contemporary Turkish Literature, Identity and Society in Turkish Literature, Autobiographies in Turkish Literature.

Theocharis Stavrides
Associate Professor
His research interests focus mainly on the study of a) the history of the early Ottoman Empire (1300-1512), b) Ottoman civilization and culture, and c) the history of Cyprus during the Ottoman period, with special emphasis on society and culture.

Michalis N. Michael
Associate Professor
Research interests focused on: a) history of the institutions of the Ottoman Empire and the changes after the end of the 16th century, b) history of Cyprus during the Ottoman period with emphasis on the status of the Orthodox Church, c) the transition from the Ottomans to the British Administration. The changes related to the status of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, d) study of archival material such as documents and codex material of the Ottoman period of the history of Cyprus, e) study of the post-Ottoman Cypriot historiography concerning the Ottoman period of the island.

Gulshen Sakhatova
Assistant Professor
Mood and modality in general linguistics ● Verb system of Turkic languages ● Modality in Turkic languages ● Spoken Turkish ● Turkish as a Foreign Language: Learning and Teaching ● Turkic in written monuments 

Nikos Moudouros
His research interests focus on the contemporary history of political Islam in Turkey, political economy in Turkey, contemporary political thought as well as the transformation of the relations between Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot community. He is teaching courses on issues like Islam in Turkey, Turkish foreign policy, social changes in Turkey and the development of the Turkish Cypriot community.

Ahmet Yıkık
Modern Turkish literature since the Westernization period (Tanzimat) in the 19th century ● Non-Muslims writing in Turkish ● Genre developments ● Literary Theory and Sociology of Literature ● Ottoman/Turkish literature in Cyprus from the 19th century to the present.