A New Mandate: a University of Creative Thinking and Continuous Innovation
Welcome to the website of the University of Cyprus. Here, you will find an overview of the University's history, as well as its academic, administrative and institutional functions.
Since its establishment in 1989, the University of Cyprus has consistently pursued excellence, fulfilling its mission to the Cypriot society. Today, the University is recognized as the most important research and higher education institution of Cyprus, and has also, moreover, been honoured as a 'distinguished Mediterranean University'.
Currently, the University comprises eight Faculties and 23 Departments offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research study programmes to more than 7000 enrolled students. The University employs over 900 people in its academic and administrative staff.
The recent economic crisis and ensuing hardship present challenges to the University in its desire to contribute to the further development of the society. Therefore, the University aims to take an essential and leading role in all efforts to manage the financial crisis.
As the University is now a member of the international network of universities and an active participant in the research community worldwide, our vision is fully realized. The University believes that freedom of education must go beyond national borders, and for this reason our very active participation internationally is essential. This involvement not only enhances our goal to provide our students with an education equal to that of the best universities worldwide, but it also enhances the University's international reputation.
We would like to see the University of Cyprus become a space for intellectual democracy, as well as the research laboratory of Science, where a significant encounter occurs among scholars, scientists and students. This encounter will contribute to vitalizing the meaning of a democracy of intellectuals in education. Moreover, due to the difficult circumstances of division and occupation that our homeland is going through, the University is called upon to become an institution of creative thinking and mediation, and to play a catalytic role for transformation and progress.
In this new era for the universities, the era of the new generations, we must move forward together and achieve our common goals.
Professor Constantinos Christofides