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The Analytical Grade shows per semester the average of the student's courses, as well as the average of his overall grade.

The Certificate of Attendance is a document that certifies that a student has enrolled and/or is studying at the University of Cyprus.

Both the Analytical Grading and the Certificate of Attendance for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students are prepared by the Service Office of Y.S.F.M. in Greek and/or English.

The Study and Student Care Service of the University of Cyprus informs that with the start of the academic year 2013-2014, and specifically from 02 September 2013, the following fees apply:

  • For issuance of Certificate of Attendance/Written and Detailed Grade: €2 for each original certificate and €1 for each certified copy.
  • To translate Analytical Grades into English:
    • 1 original €10.00
    • 2 originals €15.00
    • 3 originals €20.00
    • 4 originals €25.00
    • 1 copy €1.00
  • For Diploma translation: €8 for each original certificate and €1 for each certified copy.
  • Issuing a foreign language attendance certificate: €3

Please note that all receipts are deposited in the Student Welfare Association of the University of Cyprus.


We undertake, after an electronic request in which you must state your details (name and political identity number), to send the necessary supporting documents concerning the University of Cyprus (copy of degree, detailed grades, Greek and English certificate of place of study) to DOATAP with notification to you. It is your responsibility to go to the DOATAP platform and apply online for the recognition of your degree.

Hague stamp/Apostile for documents issued by the YSFM and only applies to students

We certify documents issued by the YSFM Service Office and then you present them to the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Citizen Service Centers, in order to secure the Hague Stamp