Private Accommodation

We are here to help you as much as possible to find your own accommodation!

Initially ask yourself the following questions:
  • Which is/will be your Department of study?
  • Will your classes take place at the University's Central Buildings (ie Kallipoleos Avenue) or at the University Campus (ie Aglantzia Avenue)?
  • Are you a student of the Department of Architecture?
  • Where do most of your classes take place?
  • What is your financial situation?

  • Depending on the above, you can judge which area suits you most for renting a residence, according to the distance of the accommodation areas from the buildings you have classes, as well as your financial comfort.

    General Tips:
  • If your classes are not at the University Campus, you can search for accommodation at locations that are further away from Geri and Aglantzia.
  • The same applies if you do not have classes at the Campus until late at night.
  • You should search for a place to stay in areas where a bus runs directly to the University, so you do not have to change two (2) buses to reach the University. That way you will not delay for your classes.

  • General rule:
    Keep in mind that an apartment in an area farther from the University, but closer to a bus stop, is a better solution for three reasons:
  • Lower rent
  • Easy transportation
  • In difficult weather conditions (heavy rain and a lot of heat) you will not have to spend enough time walking to reach the University.

  • Some tips for saving more money while saving energy

  • Check the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - all rented accommodation should have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and the landlord is legally obliged to let you see a copy of this. The EPC has an A to G rating system, where G is the poorest level of energy efficiency and A is the best. The average EPC rating of a property in the UK is a D rating. If you want minimise your energy costs then you should seek out a property which is E-rated or better.
  • When looking around a property see if you can check the energy ratings of the appliances (e.g. the fridge, washing machine, etc). The rating for appliances runs from A+++ (the best) to D (the worst). Better rated appliances will be cheaper to run.
  • When looking around a property it’s also important to look out for the tell-tale signs of a poorly insulated or hard-to-heat property – mould, damp and condensation. Living in a mouldy, damp property can have a significant impact on your wellbeing so try and avoid properties that have evidence of these problems.
  • If there are problems with damp/mould or condensation, ask the landlord to take action to address them before you move in (e.g. by improving the insulation of the property, installing ventilation or by providing a de-humidifier).
  • If you get the chance, chat to the current tenants – to get their feedback on the quality of the house and any other potential problems

  • You can search for a private residence from the list of apartment/houses we publish with private ads, which is posted in our Announcements and is renewed every Friday. If you are looking for a roommate or you will participate in Erasmus + Program and would like to contact other students send us your details by email All information on Nicosia maps and Bus routes are located at the bottom of our page.
    A List of Private Houses/Apartments is updated throughout the year, in order to help students in their search for private accommodation. This List is for use by the students of the University Of Cyprus only and is available here.
    Information available only in Greek.