General Information

  • 12 exemptions for obtaining the Chartered Accountant title (ACA qualification)
  • 9 exemptions for obtaining the Certified Accountant title (ACCA qualification)
  • Student internships in auditing firms or other companies in the financial and banking sector
  • Graduates of the Department have been accepted for postgraduate programs in leading international universities
  • High employability rate of graduates of the Department
  • Graduates of the Department have been distinguished with 31 global awards in the examinations for the title of Chartered Accountant
  • Graduates of the Department have the highest success rate in the ACCA exams globally

Given the challenging environment that organizations are called to face, the Department of Accounting and Finance (AFN) aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to advance their career and eventually lead their organizations to financial success. The Department offers a comprehensive curriculum, which, on the one hand, provides students with a broad knowledge in the diverse area of business administration and, on the other hand, specialized in-depth knowledge in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance. The curriculum of the Department combines internationally renowned principles in business administration with knowledge of the local business environment in Cyprus and the wider region, and gives special attention to the application of information technology as a tool for implementing the tactical and strategic objectives of an organization. The curriculum is based on standards of similar programs offered in prestigious universities in Europe and North America.