Welcome to the website of the Accounting and Finance department, (AFN). AFN operates as an independent department since 2013 when the old Department of Public and Business Administration was transformed into two new departments. However, the areas of Accounting and Financed were fully functioning, operating with exceptional faculty and offering academic programs at all levels since the inception of the University.

The department offers the possibility of obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with specialization in either Accounting or Finance. Accounting is considered the international language of business that organizations use to communicate their financial activities. Finance is concerned with the management of money and the valuation of financial products, such as the value of shares, bonds and more complex products such as derivatives. Together the two disciplines approach and cover comprehensively issues relating to financial activity, a very important part of modern economies. The department also offers postgraduate MSc and PhD programs in Finance. Both the undergraduate and graduate programs of the department are recognized for their academic quality both locally and internationally. Specifically, AFN is especially proud of its following accomplishments:

• Graduates of the department have been accepted into graduate programs of internationally acclaimed universities.
• A large number of our graduates is employed by the country's audit firms which praise our students for their excellent academic training.
• Graduates of the department exhibit some of the highest passing rates in the professional examinations to become either Chartered or Certified accountants.
• Graduates of the Department have won global first prizes in the professional examinations of the ICAEW and ACCA to become Chartered or Certified accountants.
• Graduates of our master's program are employed by banking institutions, financial management firms and investment banks.
• Our doctoral graduates are employed by well-known universities abroad.
• According to a study conducted by the Arizona State University AFN ranks 143 worldwide in terms of its output in Finance research in the period 2010-2014.
• According to a study conducted by Brigham Young University AFN ranks 187 in terms of its output in Accounting research in the period 2005-2016.

The mission of the Department is to strengthen our international recognition and establish ourselves as an important teaching and research center in the fields of accounting and finance in Cyprus and the neighboring region. We thus seek to continuously enhance the quality of our programs to achieve our mission in the best possible way and to respond to the constant and dynamic challenges of our times.

The teaching philosophy of the Department's is to promote the acquisition of knowledge and critical thinking and provide our students with the necessary skills for a successful career in the fields of accounting and finance.

I would like to close with a short message to our current students: We, the members of the academic and administrative staff of the department, will always be next to you, to challenge and push you, but also to encourage and support you so that you can reach your goals.

Irene Karamanou
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Accounting and Finance