The Department of Accounting and Finance offers a Minor in Accounting for a limited number of students from other departments. This offers students from other disciplines the opportunity to add a business dimension to their degree. The course requirements for this degree are indicated below. Students are required to take ten of the following courses (totalling at least 60 ECTS) of which 4 courses are compulsory. The compulsory courses are AFN111, AFN211, AFN311 and one of the following two courses: AFN318 or AFN419 (the requirement for compulsory courses applies to those who have been or will be admitted to the program from the academic year 2021/22 onwards).

Course Code Course Title ECTS
AFN 111 Financial Accounting I 7
AFN 211 Managerial and Cost Accounting I 7
AFN 221 Personal Finance 6
AFN 222 Corporate Financial Management 7
AFN 311 Financial Accounting II 6
AFN 312 Managerial Accounting and Costing II 6
AFN 313 Industry Placement I 6
AFN 314 Commercial Law 6
AFN 318 Auditing I 6
AFN 319 Taxation I 6
AFN 321 Corporate Finance II 6
AFN 322 Investment and Portfolio Management 6
AFN 410 Financial Reporting in the Banking Sector 6
AFN 411 Financial Analysis 6
AFN 413 Industry Placement II 6
AFN 414 Energy sector Accounting and Finance 6
AFN 415 Contemporary Issues in Accounting 6
AFN 416 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 6
AFN 417 Auditing II 6
AFN 418 Financial Accounting III 6
AFN 419 Taxation II 6
AFN 424 Financial Modeling 6

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Courses instructors for the dergee are mentioned in courses description

Coordinator for Minor in Accounting: Evita Livera