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Among the main objectives of the University of Cyprus is the creation of a lifelong community of graduates, as well as other members of the university community, through the provision of information, services and opportunities for meaningful participation and involvement.

The network of 27,200 graduates of the University of Cyprus coming from 52 countries is the main driving force in its development course and in general the progress of Cypriot society. It is an active community that is constantly growing, with its members active in all sectors of the economy at a local and international level. They constitute the main group of ambassadors of the academic Foundation, which, through mutual support and participation in its charitable and other actions, promotes its values and contributes in various ways to the achievement of its goals and vision.




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«Stories from Graduates»

  •  this is the first story of ioannou marios with a picture in the paragraph
  • Story of Georgiou Georgos

    This is the Second story text part

  • Maria Ioannou

    this is the third story