The Alumni Relations Office of the University of Cyprus belongs to the Promotion and Development Services Sector, under the Rectorate.

The role of the Alumni Relations Office is twofold. On one hand, it supports the University regarding the activities that concern the alumni and on the other hand, it serves as a liaison between the alumni, and the University.
It is, in essence, a means of communication between the alumni and the University administration, academics and administration staff. Our constant effort is to keep the alumni up-to-date with the activities, goals and philosophy of the University so that there can be a constant connection and contribution to the Institution on their behalf.
Alumni Relations Office Council

The Alumni Relations Office Council is comprised of academic representatives from each Faculty, three members of the Alumni Association and the Officer in charge of the Alumni Relations Office.The key role of this Council is policy making. The Council sets the strategic goals and actions, and monitors the activities of the Alumni Relations Office.