Archimedes Research Center for Structural and Construction Technology is an interdisciplinary research center for design, analysis and construction management of structures in the wider sectors of Civil Engineering and Architecture. The research center aims primarily at the development of specialized research, as well as its extension through interdisciplinary cooperation in the broader areas of Civil Engineering and Architecture.
The center was established in 2005 in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cyprus and conducts international research activities in the following three main direction areas:

  • Structural and construction design (Marios C. Phocas)
  • Computer-aided structural analysis and information technology for Civil Engineering (Petros Komodromos)
  • Construction engineering and management (Symeon Christodoulou)

The projects analyzed in all research directions are not only of a general architectural identity but more so of major structural characteristics (such as multi-storey, industrial buildings, sport facilities and bridges) and structural components (such as reinforced concrete, steel, light-weight and high strength composite materials).

The research direction on structural and construction design is pursued in the frame of an integrated architectural development, while based mainly on an interactive architectural engineering design process. Main areas of activities consist of the development and application of innovative, technologically advanced structural and construction systems, the design of steel buildings, and the analysis and evaluation of existing buildings on technological ground. Major emphasis is finally given on all pertinent issues of earthquake resistant design and structural control.

The second direction on computer-aided structural analysis and information technology for Civil Engineering comprises the computer-based analysis and design of earthquake resistant structures, the development of structural modelling techniques for computational analysis and visualisation, the passive and active displacement control of structures, seismic isolation, as well as the evaluation procedures of pre- and post seismic damage. A last major area of activities addresses the exploitation of information technology in Civil Engineering, especially in the building engineering industry.

The research direction on construction engineering and management addresses the main areas of fully integrated and automated information management systems with 3D/4D modelling techniques, system integration and modern computing techniques in construction management, based on artificial intelligence systems, and information technology applications in urban infrastructures and risk analysis.

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