Research Laboratory in the History and Theory of Modern Architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean

The term mesarch is an amalgam of different meanings: Mesogeios (Greek word for Mediterrenean), Middle East, Architecture and Archive. The term also exists in Botanology as “the maturing of the center toward both the interior and exterior,” and in many ways, this is also in tune with the measarch’s premise that steers clear of center-periphery models to treat Eastern Mediterranean’s histories of modernism as complexly entangled with histories of European and other modernisms.

Mesarch is a research laboratory focusing on the history and theory of Modern Architecture in the Eastern Mediterranean. Mesarch is conducting critical research on the interdisciplinary fields of:
– Architecture/urbanism and politics in 20th Century Eastern Mediterranean
– Histories of urban development and environmental sustainability
– Cultural heritage, memory and conflict
– Digital humanities and architectural archives
Mesarch has launched programs of historical and archival research that focus on the Architecture and Modernization Histories of Cyprus, serving one of Mesarch’s primary aspirations: to situate Cyprus and its modern architecture within international scholarly debates in
the field of history and theory of architecture.
Mesarch’s overall commitment to historical research and historiography is promoted through a well-equipped laboratory including state-of-the-art equipment for the documentation and digitization of archival material and a research team experienced in archival research, documentation, and theoretical analysis.
Through its research activities, Mesarch has also highlighted the importance of archival study; the documentation of archival material, as well as the constant revaluation of historiographical methods through the advancement of digital tools. Aiming to connect architectural history-theory with digital humanities and to advance new modes of research in architectural history Mesarch has established a collaboration with faculty from the Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus experimenting with the development of innovative information models for interpreting, presenting, and evaluating various forms of tangible, intangible and digital heritage focusing specifically on 20th century architectural heritage.
Mesarch’s other collaborations include the University of Cyprus Library, focusing on the sharing of knowledge on issues of digitization and preservation of architectural and cultural documents as well as with a number of contributors and donors such as The Theodoros and Andreas Photiades architectural office, Economou Architects and Engineers in Nicosia, Colakides & Associates, Architects and Engineers in Limassol and GCB (Garnett, Clougley and Blakermore) architectural firm in London, UK.
Mesarch Researchers:

Panayiota Pyla (Lab Director), Petros Phokaides, Michalis Sioulas, Georgia Daskalaki, Emily Siantou
Panayiota Pyla’s personal website:
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