The opportunity to participate in events implicitly or explicitly related to sports has become an important part of students' every-day life.
Such events include:
a) Students' participation in conferences or seminars in Cyprus and abroad, relating, but not limited, to University Sports,
b) Organization of such conferences or seminars,
c) Organization of friendly sports meetings and a subsequent development of relations with other Universities,
d) Meetings for dinners and socializing,
e) Awards ceremonies for seasonal Champions and Athletes of the year.
Champions' and Athletes' Awards
With the completion of the academic year, in a modest ceremony and in the presence of the University of Cyprus' authorities and other officials from the athletic, political and social life, the following will receive awards for sports achievements:
a) Teams that have won the internal championships,
b) Teams of the University of Cyprus teams that have won championships of the Cyprus Federation of University Football,
c) Teams of the University of Cyprus that have excelled in international tournaments and in National and European Championships.
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